Patch Fonts with Cursive Italic Styles

TL;DR Go ahead to, download the fonts you like. is hosted on Raspberry Pi 4B, it may not be available at all times. There is also a read-only mirror hosted on GitHub which can be considered as an alternative source: About You may have seen some fonts with cursive italic styles, for example Operator Mono and Dank Mono. But do you know you can patch your favorite fonts with cursive italics from these fonts?

Dockerize Your Dotfiles

Introduction If you are like me and prefer to develop in a complete TUI environment with neovim, you may encounter a situation where you need to reconfigure your development environment every time you face a new OS. You may need to install packages, copy dotfiles and do some other stuffs over and over again, which is really annoying. Docker, which can provide OS-level virtualization, may be able to provide a solution to this problem.

Don't Use Homebrew

What? Yes exactly, you should never use it. I know this might shock you, but please let me explain. There are two very serious design flaws in homebrew, which may put your mac in danger. The directory permission Homebrew doesn’t need sudo to perform actions, which has been regarded as a big advantage over other package managers. Yes, it’s more convenient, however the way homebrew implements this feature is simply to change the ownership of the directory of $(brew --prefix) to the user who installed homebrew.

介绍 Whoogle 搜索引擎

中文搜索引擎 现在百度的搜索结果充斥着百度文库、百度知道、百家号、CSDN 等垃圾,包括我在内的很多人都在尝试找一个中文搜索引擎的替代品。 360 和搜